Yellow Brick Road 02


A wall of molten stone.
Air becoming visible in the heat.
Liquified detritus drips silently,
onto the yellow brick road.

The wall is melting.

As you hold my hand,
We shield the children from the glare.
She is a basalt statue on top of the wall.
‘Thou shall not pass’

Her feet beginning to melt
While she clings desperately onto her mask of madness
Her place of hiding

Still holding that crutch.

Yet, she won’t move.
‘My place.’ A scream like a fury.
Though, I know, it’s futile.

I am home now. I am here to stay.
I am here to live. I am here to love.
That’s that. Sister. Oh sister.

Don’t you know?

Your promises were never true.
Your bond deceit.
You are found.
Your hiding over.


It’s over and done with.
The wall is still dripping silently.
Hot as the sun.
I am light.

You are.
Back to where you came from.

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