The Kraken 01

The Kraken or Cries of Despair

I am like the wild wild sea
Gently tumbling ashore
When the mood carries me

Spouting fume in rage
When I see injustice

Calm and silent, a mirror of heaven
When ire or pain are too deep

Dancing sunlight diamonds
When fully content

Seagulls bobbing on top of my gentle billows

But then I open depths unknown
And release the Kraken
Massive tentacles pull in black hearts
Suction cups sticking to mawkit souls
You cannot escape; the Kraken always wins
Go into the fire; go into the ice
You have failed, failed so horribly

Peccant failure, so vile
That nothing is left but destruction
There is no mercy
Once the Kraken gets you

Peaceful the void closes now
Folds over the Kraken
Who drags the black hearts and mawkit souls
Into oblivion
No escape
The water mirrors heaven
I move my waves so the dolphins can play in the surf

There is peace now

Living in Limbo

Akin to stretching after exercise
Limbo is space to move
Everything into the right place
To flex and bend

Such stretching affords
Living in Limbo
To the soul and the mind
That the soul flexes
The mind bends
The heart soars

Limbo is space to ponder
If all parts of mind, soul, and heart
Are aligned with life shaping around you

Is space to listen to your own song
Invent new notes
Be fluid
Breathe in
Breathe out
Just be

And as you flow
You might
Just might
Bump into other hearts, and minds, and souls
In limbo

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