Living in Increments

A mathematical model I have just learned

Living in increments
My not so mathematical version:

One day at a time
After ten years had splintered into a million pieces

The screeching of breaks
An unconditional survival function

One step and then another
Mom learning to walk again

One breath at a time
As panic attacks rolled over my body

Tear, by tear, by tear
Washing your pain away

An unsuspected laugh
That ray of hope

A stranger’s smile
We see one another
Just being human

Just being human
Step by step
Day by day
Tear by tear
Smile by smile
Laugh by laugh

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

There’s a catch!
First: thou hast to love thyself

First and foremost
Love yourself

Breaking Free

Imagine a time, somewhere, somewhen.
Just a time, eons ago.
Centuries ago. Life times ago.
Like groundhog day. Over and over again.
That time.

Imagine a place, somewhere, somewhen.
Here and there, and no where at all.
The place doesn’t really matter.
Still groundhog day. Over and over again.
In each place.

And every time, there was hurt.
And every time, there was pain.
And every time, there was ignorance, violation, disrespect.
You unlearned love.
You build another wall around the black walls of the box.
You unlearned self-love.
You learned self-loathing.

Imagine all the times, through eons, in places unknown.
Imagine all the times, the soul learned to hate itself.

Now enter.
And break free.
The shackles of self-hatred.

Now enter.
And tell the soul.
Of it’s worth.

The capstones are smashing the walls.
Layer by layer by layer.
The wings might grow back after all.
Love is freedom that soars.
Forgiveness is Self-love.

Trying something new here. This is the reading of my poem.
Quality is a bit iffy and need to work on the performance—take
it as an experiment.

The Piano & Silly String

The black door screeches
Now you have dared opening it

Solid wood slams shut
Behind you

An empty room full of silly string
A full coloured picture set to 90% opacity

The only solid piece
A piano in a corner

As you begin to play
The silly string dances and twirls

Until it dissolves into a rainbow of light
Scars turned into light

Through stories, and dance, and song
That’s how they heal

The room is empty now
No opacity
The piano in sepia—an echo

You close the door leaving
Silently turning the key


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