And orange the world goes under

Was the only theme distinguishable
In a tirade of garbled repetion

Repeating doesn’t make things come true
You know?

Disbelief strikes our hearts
Traumatised scrambling for reality

Hate again

Der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf

A splash of light

More agression
Empty eyes
Insecure posturing

granddad would say
We used to train dogs
They knew words

I was alpha
Life was simple

Now words are irrelevant
Nonsensical anyway

In: way above the hairline
Dictare comes to mind

And the world watches on
With sorrowful eyes

At least here we had peace for awhile

Blurgh…Talk to the Pain

When there are no words left
And you look at your pain
And you are at the point of being so very much annoyed with yourself
And you touch your pain and flinch away
And there is nowhere to go because it will just come along for the ride–weeee

Until one day you make a decision
And you open your arms
–Really wide
To make sure you can hold it all
And then you embrace your pain
You hold it tight
And hug it so much
That it doesn’t hurt anymore

And you embrace it so tight
Until it has become a part of who you are
Until it has become strength, resilience, wisdom, love, spirit, and light

Because that is the purpose of pain
The forging fire of growth

Don’t let the wrong one in

She was caught in destructive insanity. Her hatred and bile, dismantling the children. Bit, by bit, by bit. They had no defense against the desolation. So they hid, in music, in games, in teenage obsessions. 

They didn’t know the violence was meant against herself. They didn’t know the hate was meant for her own abuser, against whom she still was as helpless as the children against her rage. 

Her memory ran havoc like her emotions. Victim to the projections of her garbled mind. She had no sense of truth. Reality a concept only grasped in quickly vanishing moments of clarity. 

But he, he let her in. His mislead sense of justice opening the door. Insisting on how things ought to be; just because they would be right. Anger flailing as with every turn he once again learned that right is not real just because it’s right. 

He let her in. Into his head, into his mind, into his soul, into his bed. And every time when he became upset. And every time when he became angry, her poisonous darts dug deeper into his soul, and his children broke a little bit more.

Roar,  lion roar. Sometimes one has to take the thorny path. There is a purpose for lawyers after all. 


Tam drum

As I weave
Patterns of light and colour
As I spin Hagalaz
Into a dance of ice and fire
As I call Algiz
For protection


As I call into being

Sun child
Break the ice
Dissolve the pain
Bear witness
See the abused and slain
For their lives are not in vain

Tam drum
Stomp feet
Set free
Who was bound

Until light breaks free
Exploding all around

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