What’s in a Name?

Have you ever done these: what does your name mean activities? From numerology via Facebook apps that tell you a different meaning every time you try; to looking at the history of the actual word? What have you found? Do you think this is who you are? At least in parts?

If I could change my name, sometimes I just would want to be called What-Ever other times you may address me with Your-Highness. Unlike our given names; we can easily change the names of our online identities. Therefore, reflecting much more realistic the ebb and flow of identity negotiation. So for now, the identity of this blog is a Sanctuary for Love. And yes, ‘for’ not ‘of’ … sometimes circumstances in life show you that love needs a sanctuary, too. That love needs to be protected, cared for, seen, and nurtured to thrive, to survive, and to help healing.

So for the time being welcome to the Sanctuary for Love.

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