I am writing
Or am I?

I am doodling with words
make random pearlstrings of letters

some of which short
others elongadet beyond reasonable recognition

I am drawing
if you close your eyes and listen
colours will swirl and the worlds I created
appear in front of you
like magic

I am writing
–kind of–
I stream my feelings mostly in #303030
onto pastellish background

My words of wisdom imposed
on photos of happier times
before they fade like my memories
amalgamated into the song of a life ongoing

I am writing
to share the happiness, healing, sadness, joy, anger, love, and light
to show you:

In den end we are all one
And you are not alone

So I am having a bit of a dilemma. I have been working with failing students for years and implemented various successful intervention strategies. Yes, these were informed by my knowledge of pedagogy, developmental, and social psychology, and having worked with troubled children and young adults since I was 16.

So far so good.

Now a colleague asked me, if what I did is transferable and I self-assuredly said of course. My partner laughed at me saying that the skills I have are not transferable, I still remain they are but have been thinking a lot about what it actually is I do when meeting students for 1-2-1 sessions.

Now. I pray.

Before someone comes to see me I focus for a moment, empty my head, my emotions. I basically take a step back, away from ego, and ask for guidance, the ability to offer the best advice possible.

Praying is not a scientific method. Working in higher education I can’t say I pray.

So what else is it then?

Creating room to be entirely in the moment, with the other person. Having emptied my thoughts and my feelings there is space to observe, to take in, to listen, to watch for minute changes in body language. And based on these observations my knowledge in action kicks in and I advice based on this. Students often would respond: that’s exactly what my psychologist/counsellor said.

My answer: and are you doing it?

What stops you?

How can we work on strategies?

I am not a counsellor, or psychologist. I just coach and mentor.

And I pray.

A hidden she-abuser

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Expose her bile to one and all

Show the world her true face now
To hate and violence I won’t bow

Protect the minors’ sanity
Stop instantly her profanity

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Please do expose this brute to all

We suffer witnessing sadism and pain
She rapes and pillages for control and power gain

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Please expose the abuser to all

Please do
Make Her Fall!

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