So it took me a year and a half to find the right name for this blog. I have experimented with a couple of more or less cheesy versions. Only now I realised that all I needed was a prayer. The name ‘With Heart, Mind, and Soul’ stems from the beginning of a prayer, I use when asking for guidance:

So I stand before thee with pure heart, pure mind, and pure soul.

This is my starting point for everything. I ask myself, for any action taken: what is my intent?

Of course I trip up, more often than I want to. But my way of finding back, of standing tall, my source of strength, is purity in intent. We all can only act based on our knowledge of a situation at a certain point in time, so there is always more that we don’t know than we do know—particularly when we are working with people. Can I really know my neighbour? But what we can always know, is our intent behind our action. And if this intent comes from a place of love we can heal, and help healing. So this is what I try with various degrees of success.

Therefore, the point to go back to; the unflinching core of being is: I shall stand before thee, with pure heart, mind, and soul.


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