7 am
Is too early to get up
To go on an adventure
One cannot start adventures before 10 am

Father’s cannot be visited
When I know about the plan
And make sure the cousins are coming over
To make sure there is always someone pulling into a different direction

Partners must not interact with children
Because when they do my mask crumbles
My carefully constructed reality falls apart
And partners cannot be manipulated

I am manipulating my child out of contact
Until I find a weekend where father is not available
I can then turn around self-righteously exclaiming the father to be useless
I was right all along!
I am henceforth prohibiting upset child to see father for even longer
I am henceforth back in control
I am henceforth vindicated in my opinion
I am henceforth reassured in my victimhood
I have won
Once again
I have won against the evil
That is a figment of my imagination

Wolf Moon 02

Light: white cold
like eternal ice
haloes the clouds

Light: white cold
like eternal ice
echoes in snow cristals

Light: white cold
like white heat of steel
my incandescent core

Fire and ice
the same colour temperature
they burn in different ways
the damage is the same

ice above
ice below
yet the heat is too strong

I am still burning

A far cry
from depths unkown
tries to reach the moon
corresponding howls cascade around me

Release the wild hunt

Wolf-Moon 01

I will always look at the moon
Howl with the wolves
Dance with the dragons
In silver beams breaking through clouds

I will feel the earth underneath bare feed
Kick up brown leaves as I run through winter woods
My breath puffy clouds leading the way
Brother wind howl with me

Hunter’s moon
Wolf’s moon
Wild child dancing
Snow falling now
Thick flakes dwindle to the ground

I run faster
Two feet
Four paws
In unison

Frozen ground

We are hunting

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