7 am
Is too early to get up
To go on an adventure
One cannot start adventures before 10 am

Father’s cannot be visited
When I know about the plan
And make sure the cousins are coming over
To make sure there is always someone pulling into a different direction

Partners must not interact with children
Because when they do my mask crumbles
My carefully constructed reality falls apart
And partners cannot be manipulated

I am manipulating my child out of contact
Until I find a weekend where father is not available
I can then turn around self-righteously exclaiming the father to be useless
I was right all along!
I am henceforth prohibiting upset child to see father for even longer
I am henceforth back in control
I am henceforth vindicated in my opinion
I am henceforth reassured in my victimhood
I have won
Once again
I have won against the evil
That is a figment of my imagination

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