If only

If only you would talk
If only you would listen
Or entertain a thought
A thought to understand

There is so so much more
Much more you could imagine
You think you know the truth
But there are lies you cannot fathom

If only you would come
Come face to face somewhere
If only you would brave
The time with him and her

I think all you would see
Is so so so much loveā€”love unconditionally
Although it’s not the love
That lets you away with inanity

It’s love that holds accountable
Us to one another
But none of that gets solved
By pulling down the shutter

The shutter is so easy
A safe space to hide
It is the false illusion
That let’s us keep our pride

But is the cost of pride
Worthwhile all the shunning
Is the cost of ego
Leading you into the traps of someone cunning

Because if we cannot see
Beyond our pulled down shutter
How can we ever truly see
The ‘me’ of one another



for Abi

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