A blessing


A blessing for my goddaughter

I wish for you to be brave and strong
to follow your heart
to live a life that matters
be as big or as small as you want
but never smaller than yourself
be happy—always—learn to dance in the rain
Embrace the thunderstorms and the sunshine
And dance, or sing, or write, or paint, make bread—create! 
Get stuck in, with your whole heart. 
Embrace life. 
Be a princess, be a dragon slayer.
Be a warrior, a healer, a teacher.
Be earth, wind, and water. 
Be humble, be grateful, be amazed, and full of wonder.
Climb mountains, curl up with a book.
Help when help is needed. 
Hug your friends. 
Eat an apple a day.
Carry a tissue and a towel (you never know).
If you are scared, stand tall, face your fear.
Know that you are never alone.
If you are sad, cry. Cry me a river.
And then dry your eyes, blow your nose and move on. 
If you are happy dance! And share the smiles.
If you are angry, know why, and use it to make things better.
But most of all love, love yourself, love life, love every morning
you are given
And every day, begin the adventure anew. 

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