Summer is in full swing
Songbirds stage a rap battle at 4 a.m.
Sun breaks through the blinds half an hour later

Gentle breeze barely noticeable
Goosebumps ripple skin
Growling you stretch next to me

Ice cream Sundaes fruity heaven
Intoxicating smells where ever you are
Ivy vines meander over the rockery

Lazy lizards sunbathing
Lightning bugs like nervous lanterns
Lady Luna lonesome at night

I hear the crickets in the cooling grass
Memory of the day’s heat tangible
I look up into the endless dome
Cathedrals don’t need to be made of stone

It rains

The rain it raineth every day
It rains cookies at night
Kisses in the morning
Tears on a bad day
And cuddles supporting

The rain it raineth every day
It rains coffee on grey days
Chocolate for sads
Smiles every chance
And laughter as much as we can

The rain it raineth every day
It rains Schnitzel with noodles
Friendship in oodles
Happiness as we make it
And sweet smelling roses

It’s not quite there yet but I thought I share anyway

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