Failure Poetry

So the last couple of days I was at a conference and one of the key note speaker made us either draw a picture or write a poem. Yeah of course I wrote a poem. The caveat was it had to be a poem about failure. And as you might know I always struggle with the failure discourse around having ADHD so my poem focused on that:

I fail to adhere to

Don’t ask me to

A place that doesn’t fit
Let me dance in the falling leaves
Ride on thunderstorms
Weave webs of compassionate togetherness

But do not
Not ever
Put me on a leash

Stories–a poem

A poem lingers in the back of my throat; scratching my vocal cords like an angry cat.

When I close my eyes words dart across my lids like alarmed starlings from the cherry tree.

The rhythm of words pulsates through my veins, like the bass from a subwoofer.

I hear the echoes of stories wanting told, wanting an audience, needing out–into the open.

Every cell of my body wants to tell stories; for in stories we live, we learn, we join the past with the future.

The library is too huge, large, enormous, endless, eternal, ethereal, intangible to crasp but the stories must be lived.

Are you in the right book?
What story have you chosen?

Good Morning Sunshine

‘But it’s raining.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to see that the sun is always shining behind the clouds?

‘But it’s cold.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to understand that exposure will strengthen your spirit?

‘But it’s a bother.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to learn that you won’t grow in your comfort zone?

‘But it’s not fair.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to let go of self-victimization and not hide behind excuses?

‘But I am so angry.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You not to feed that wolf but nourish your soul?

Could I sway you,
Just a little bit,
To change your perspective,
For your own healing?

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