Our Street

It’s Christmas time the lights do shine
On houses in our street
I am bundled up in search for rhyme
Because street, fleet, sheet, or sleat

As I walk along to Christmas song
In German song is Lied
I wonder about the people
Who live along our streets

The old man in his red car
Who really needs more luck
And drives around the corners
As if he is in a truck

The people with a pack of dogs
Who always look so happy
The dogs are very tiny though
And luckily not yappy

Street, feet, eat, heat, sleet
The latter pelts my face
architecture on repeat
This street is an odd little place

What about the mathematician?
Deteriorating my rhymes condition!
Who calculates our lights’ algorithm
Impossible they are an anachronism

My rhymes begin to fall apart
Although I am not yet loosing heart
I tuck my scarf tight round my face
And keep exploring our little place
My steps begin to crunch on snow
But only if I walk just like so

There is the curious neighbour
Who makes the curtains twitch
And the really mean crusader
Who makes my witch’s thumb itch

There are a lot of little monsters
Once a year to be seen
But only if we respond
To knocks on Halloween

There is my garden hobby friend
Who lives around the corner
And gave me a pretty chilli plant
Which has a place of honour

The old man with the same name
Gives the most beautiful Christmas cards
I love to look at on my way hame
They are light, blessings, and heart

I’am running out of rhyme now
If not out of street
Have a very merry Christmas
And do leastwise one good deed

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