2021: Good Bye

Quietly, clandestinely Year tiptoed to its end
It’s trying to sneak out after all the bad reviews
It really tried hard, the best it could
If it were honest it knew it wasn’t it’s fault
The cards were stacked against it and all that
It wished people would be a bit more understanding
It’s not as if it could control what they do
But hey it gets blamed anyway
And Hogmanay: seriously just a kick in the backside after all of this
At least it can grab a glass of champagne on the way out the door
It’s not looking forward to join the annals
At least it won’t stand out too much with 2020 next to it
It looks over its shoulder
Nobody notices it sneaking out early
What’s a couple of days anyway?
Hangers on
Everyone has insisted on closure already
Silently Year closes the door
The annals can wait a little

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