Historic Trauma

Dissociative fog
A distorted lense of the past
Violence not understood
‘It’s just what it is, isn’t it?’

The times
Nothing to do but move

Move forward, onward, wayward, upward, downward


Run, crawl, walk, limp, hike, roll
keep moving

She watches me
Hidden eyes from underneath a blanket

‘I rather not.Move, I mean.’

We all stay save differently.

‘I just watch you move.’

I know she will move.
Trust the process.
Everything has its time.
You can’t heal on schedule.

Don’t listen, never listen:

To the musts, the shoulds, the ought tos

No. No you never can ‘just’

While you move, freeze, fight
Don’t hurt anyone else
This is not your job

Mind you.
Hurting yourself isn’t a good plan either.

So move, freeze, pick a fight
A good fight
Listen to me now, just for once:
Fight for something
Not against

That’s it the main lesson.
It’s about directing the energy
Destruction or Creation?

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