A digital collage made with vintage papers overlaid with vintage flower drawings. The tones are all yellow and earthy. Writing says: we are woven into stories, stories are woven into us. Which story are you going to chose?

As I said we are all woven into stories
Stories are woven around us
—through us
We are made of stories
It’s easier to say: ‘Once upon a time.’
Than read out loud encoded double helix stories
Of who we are and where we came from
A roadmap to the past

To the ones who brought pain
Your are of my blood
I am of your blood
I carry your story
But I live my own
I am not responsible for your decisions
I am responsible for mine
I won’t carry your guilt, shame and anger
I carry my own light

To the ones who loved unconditionally
Your blood sings in my veins
I stand in your strength
Your light amplifies mine
I carry your compassion
Your magic is my wonder
I feel your love still
Your joy carries me through rough seas
Even though I never knew you
You are part of me
I am part of you

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