Forgiveness is not my job

Forgive her, him, them
What for?
Peace of mind?

Let go
Let go of all that is not yours to carry
Shame, hate, pain, anger, violence
Send it back
Send it back

Return to sender
What's mine is mine
What's yours is yours

Don't fret
Let go
Set yourself free

But forgiveness?
Forgive yourself always!
Forgive them, him, her?
Not your job.
None of your business!
That his, her, their soul work to undertake

None of your business

Set yourself free
By claiming you
Your youness
Your power
Your light
Your strength
Your happiness

Unburden yourself
From carrying the weight of the perpetrator
It's not yours to carry
It's not your path to walk
They wanted you to
To join them in darkness
To join them in pain
To join them in shame
To follow their insanity
Walk this path

Choose freedom
Choose your own path
And let go
You are not obliged to forgive
Send this back to
Them, her, him

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