A death in the family

The background is dark colours, and a person trying to track through what looks like another dimension. The poem on the image is in text below.
Darkness within 
Sick mind
Suffering soul
Caring for things that don't matter
While breaking the ones that do
You have been lost for so long
Your self righteousness has become your guiding light
Trapped in delusions and unspoken woes
My grief won't save you

True Colours

Broke. Heart in black in front of a red background. White words line the crack: delusion, true colours, hate, greed, resentment, broken values

We had a family bereavement and one member completely lost the plot. Apparently they harboured resentments for 46 years never spoke about it, never officially addressed it and now that all is done and dusted they start creating massive drama. I am not surprised to be honest but disappointed in them. Just trying to process various losses and grief as usual through creative outlets.

Hold your loved ones close. Family doesn’t need to be genetic. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Talk about what matters.

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