I don’t have to

I don’t have to tread carefully now
Because the monster sleeps
I don’t have to worry now
Because my words will be misused
I don’t have to loose sleep now
Because I won’t be interrogated

I can breathe now
Because there is air again
I can dance now
Because there is space again
I can be happy now
Because the shackles have gone
I can be creative now
Because the judgement was taken
I can be productive now
Because my brain stopped worrying

I don’t have to hide my strength now
Because you would punish
I don’t have to hide my smarts now
Because you felt threaten
I don’t have to hold back now
Because you would say no

I can imagine again
I can create again
I can be productive again
I can draw my sword and fight dragons again
I can support again
I can dance again

I am free

Three crows

Norns spinning
Past, present, future
Maiden, woman, crone

Spit into your one eye
Make it spin
Weave the threads

Crooked nose
Straight mouth
Round eyes

I want to know
To know
What you do

I want to know
Where my path leads
What’s the point

Child, oh child your path is set
You have chosen your story
What do you ask us for?

To know, to know
Where I shall go
I can’t remember the story
No more


The heart of a lion in winter
Compassion galore
Empathy in oodles

Smile like the sun
Like the sister

Gentle giant becoming
Fierce warrior gawky
Diamon uncut

Sadnes like a cloud of dust
Surrounds you always

Your responsibility is your life
Not hers
Not his

Stay safe
In an ocean of madness

You are missed always
Every day
Every hour

Old lion’s grey mane
Shaggy grief
Leaves traces in the dust

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