The neighbours cut our trees in half

Grief in green
Forlorn you stand
Still tall
But only half your beauty

The neighbours thought you messy

Your brother
Mutilated last year
In agony send pilot shoots
Across the garden
10 meters away in hope
Of survival

Or garden is like the opening
Of Asterix and Obelix

One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders.

Asterix and Obelix

A green oasis
Amidst baren order
Tidy boredom without bees
Grashalms stand at attention

Outer Hebrides: Two eagles

Two hills
Shaped by the last ice age

Suddenly we see them
One at 60˚
One at 210˚

They just spread their wings
And catch the thermals
Spiraling upwards

A seagull tries to interfere
No competition
Like the zombie
She eventually runs out of steam

The eagles

Outer Hebrides: Connected

Long exposure shot of clouds moving over the bay

My thoughts are scattered here
Like the cloud cover
Dark grey
Patches of blue

Like the landscape
Bald patches of rock
On otherwise green hills

Like the crosswinds
Pushing my kayak
Changing onslaught of waves
It’s hard to keep direction

I can’t find a story
Only snapshots
Of temporary manifestations
Whose inherent truth
Is as fleeting as the ever changing sky

But I know
Just know
Everything is connected

Bob Marley and the Shark

You would think seeing a shark even if he is not as big as yourself would be scary. After all there are teeth and speed, and muscles. 1,5m is not tiny either. The pic is not of the shark that came close, still have to go through more footage.

The Shark

I hover over the big drop
I know THE BIG DROP!!!
So many colours so busy
My background sound: crunching
Fish nibbling on the reef
A shadow suddenly takes form
A black tip reef shark floats by
Too close for comfort
He sees me: unperturbed
There is no aggression
No anger
No urgency
He is on island time
He looks as if he is humming a Bob Marley song in his head
‘No women no cry’ brother

Sugar Coated Toes

These are variations of the same theme. Reef bleach of the house reef—Bandos Island in Maldives—was heartbreaking and I tried to express my sadness but also the joy of seeing all the life that still is there. So here it goes: Sugar Coated Toes Outtakes.


Sugar Coated Toes 01: Despair of a dying reef

My toes are sugar coated
With ground corpse of reef
The bleach process has killed most of it
In a vast landscape of dead white chalk
Three anemones cling on to life
Each of which houses a tiny family of clown fish
No it’s not funny
My heart breaks

Sugar Coated Toes 02: We pay with our future

The freight ship with three enormous cranes on top
Covers three quarters of length of the tiny island
More stuff no-body really needs
More dead reef
We pay much more than dollars for our needs
We pay with our future

Sugar Coated Toes 03: Life prevails

My toes are sugar coated
Sand gets every where
Life gets every where
Purple anemones with orange tentacles
Move with the currents of the waves
Bobbing in and out as I float above
A family of clown fish


Sugar Coated Toes 04: Happiness

Sugar coated toes
Ready to splash
In a turquoise cocktail
Palm tree umbrellas
And puffer fish ice cubes

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