Wordless Poetry

There should be words
Rushing out
Carrying with them
The light, smells, sounds of a summer
By the sea
You should be able to hear the echoes

Of an eagle cry, a dolphin splash
You should be able to see a seal
Head popping up in curiosity next to my kayak
And smoke rising
Steaming sand at low tide
Through my words

Yet they are empty
I can’t reach
Metaphors swirl
In empty space

I should draw the colours of sunsets
Thousands of diamond sparkles on top of waves
Silky water taken with long exposure shots
Dramatic rocks mirroring in retreating tide
Is what my words should draw
The paint dried in

Lockdown Dreams

Heat is rising all around me
Remembrance of this morning’s chill
Only in the wayward breeze

Humid air is saturated
With the aura of wild flowers
Spiked with omnipresent elders

Marsh Valerian bravely stretch
Their pastel heads
Above the sea of green

Metallic-blue damselflies
Perform their phytodance
The choreography remains a mystery

My steps are slowing down
Clothes clinging to my body
As if I just emerged from the sea

I sigh-revelling in my daydream
Of cristal clear water
So cold I can only swim for minutes

Today would have been a day
To spend by the sea


Summer is in full swing
Songbirds stage a rap battle at 4 a.m.
Sun breaks through the blinds half an hour later

Gentle breeze barely noticeable
Goosebumps ripple skin
Growling you stretch next to me

Ice cream Sundaes fruity heaven
Intoxicating smells where ever you are
Ivy vines meander over the rockery

Lazy lizards sunbathing
Lightning bugs like nervous lanterns
Lady Luna lonesome at night

I hear the crickets in the cooling grass
Memory of the day’s heat tangible
I look up into the endless dome
Cathedrals don’t need to be made of stone

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