How do they stay clean?

Born out of muddy soil
Breaking through half rotten leaves
Thrown away during autumn clearance
Half-composted reminders of summer past

Pelted by sleet, and hail, and rain
Trampled on by foxes and deer
Yes, both, in our garden
And yet

And yet
Snow white
Vibrant green
Not a speck of mud

Harbingers of spring
You say?

Harbingers of hope
I respond.

The power of life
Born out of cold and darkness
Brilliant white
The colour to hold them all
Symbol of light
Symbol of peace
Symbol of hope

A very fragile message

Iss: a rune of becoming

This is a mixed media art piece, the bear I found online but despite undertaking reverse image search could not find the actual artist who drew the bear 😦

Echoes of the past
Vibrate in the snow
Little clouds of icy dust
Unsettled by sound
Iss: rune of rest and pause
Life happens underneath the ice
Underneath the blanket of snow it stirs
not yet ready to wake
not yet ready to move
not yet ready to grow


Pale grey slush
Generously dispensed from above
The mornings lighten

By the way
Who thought that first R made sense?

Ice-cold faces
Attacked by even icier, colder needles
Thrown full force
Against numb skin

By the way
Wasn’t there spring in the air?
Just yesterday?

Super-moon hung hidden
Behind thick clouds
This morning
Árvakr and Alsviðr were too slow

By the way
Have you read the Edda yet?

What are the stories
That keep you going
During the dark times
In the midst of winter?


In the depth of stillness
The whole world is a soundproof room
Colours bleached with bright filter

In the depth of stillness

Green pointy ears of daffodils
Still to be seen yesterday
Misplaced optimism

In the depth of stillness

Ripe camelia buds
Covered in a thick blanket of ice
Smart move

In the depth of stillness

The snowdrops have gone under
Two blackbirds chase each other

In the depth of stillness

We all huddle down and wait
Short sprints into the eternal white
Leaves cheeks and noses red

In the depth of stillness
Stories are born

Wolf Moon 02

Light: white cold
like eternal ice
haloes the clouds

Light: white cold
like eternal ice
echoes in snow cristals

Light: white cold
like white heat of steel
my incandescent core

Fire and ice
the same colour temperature
they burn in different ways
the damage is the same

ice above
ice below
yet the heat is too strong

I am still burning

A far cry
from depths unkown
tries to reach the moon
corresponding howls cascade around me

Release the wild hunt

Wolf-Moon 01

I will always look at the moon
Howl with the wolves
Dance with the dragons
In silver beams breaking through clouds

I will feel the earth underneath bare feed
Kick up brown leaves as I run through winter woods
My breath puffy clouds leading the way
Brother wind howl with me

Hunter’s moon
Wolf’s moon
Wild child dancing
Snow falling now
Thick flakes dwindle to the ground

I run faster
Two feet
Four paws
In unison

Frozen ground

We are hunting

Blood in Snow

Sister, sister
Don’t you know
I will not have
More blood in snow
I did fight for you to grow
Anger you will have let go

Sister, sister
Thou shall not pass
I will always be their guard
They have the right to their own path
They have the right to light, and grow
I will not have more blood in snow

Sister, sister
Eons now
We dance this dance of why and how
My place is mine thou shall not pass
But please find peace with your own path
There is your place; we need you so
I will not have more blood in snow

Sister, sister
So mote it be
Light and love I hope find thee
Let the dark from your soul go
I will not have more blood in snow
Because I will, and I say so

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